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The Creation of Genie
Genie In Headset 
The Realisation of a Worthy Ideal –
 learn more about the founder and CEO and how her dream has now become her reality.
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Visualisation to Realisation
Tap into the power of your imagination to create the life of your dreams. Understanding the laws of the Universe, our Higher Faculties, and how to attain anything you desire. You will learn:
  • Discover what’s blocking you from Visualising
  • Understand the laws clearly
  •  Understand and know your Higher Faculties 
  •  How to tap into and use your imagination 
  •  The art of visualisation & designing your vision 
  •  Getting emotionally connected 
  •  Manifest like a pro
Visualisation To Realisation 
Using Imagination To Keep You On Your Path To Success! 
Visualization is thought to be the result of a network of neural pathways working together to generate images based on memories. For some this is an easy if not automatic process. 

However, 1 in 50 people are incapable of visualization while many others simply struggle to connect visually with their goals. Our higher faculties; reason, perception, intuition, memory, will and imagination must band together in the art of visioneering.

In a world where the advice is commonly to envision in order to manifest and become emotionally connected to our goals many find this out of their grasp and for many more downright impossible. 

Genie In A Headset
Visualisation just got REAL!
We are taking the self- development industry and shaking
Things up. We are making it easier than ever before to
to take what you need to know, all your results and multiply
them in a fun and interactive way so much so that it’ll
almost seem like child’s play!

Meet Jackie Carroll, Mom Inventor of Genie in a Headset
Jackie Carroll is the Queen of Visualization and Manifestation. Jackie is Mum Inventor of Genie in a Headset, a virtual reality game that takes your personal vision board to a whole new level.
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