GIAH is shaking up the Self-Development industry with a Virtual Reality Game
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So...Who is G.I.A.H?
Chances are, if you’ve arrived on this page, you know what visualization is, and what it has done for millions around the world.

One of the fundamental applications of the Law of Attraction, visualization allows you to build - in your mind - a portrait of how your life could look.

Most add or change things they'd like to manifest in their life.

However, many people find visualization very difficult. It takes a LOT of focus to hold an image in your mind...

Even for 30 seconds this is tough, let alone a few minutes!

To those of us who haven’t really stretched our imagination muscles in a while – the prospect can seem daunting, even impossible.

In fact, only a shockingly small percentage of population are “creative naturals” able to see complex pictures in their mind’s eye without much practice or discipline.

And so far we’re just talking about a simple image. Holding a detailed portrait of your new life in high definition…one that you could even interact with…that could be extremely powerful.

Enter "Genie in a Headset"
Imagine, if you didn’t have to visualize that portrait at all.

Imagine you get up, look outside – and see your villa.

Your very own Audi R8 resting in the driveway, ready to hit the road.

The sky is blue, you life is full of positivity.

This is what GIAH will do for anyone who wants to have “visualization superpowers.”

We need to see our lives as we wish them to be.

Your Breakthrough is Just a Game Away...
Note from the Founder

"In my course Visualization to Realization, I coach students from all around the world on how to effectively deploy visualization to manifest the life of their dreams.
One thing I get A LOT in the course are students who need training in order to picture ANYTHING in their mind.

It’s not an easy task for those without experience!

I got to thinking...

How can I solve this problem?
Could I make something that “automatically” creates a visualization environment FOR my students?

Making the whole process Child's Play?

GIAH is a VR Game Environment that creates that world for you – that portrait of what you want your life to be like, and transports you there.

You’ll be able to navigate that portrait, absorbing how it feels, and align your intentions to get there."

Gamify Self Development
The science is in:

People are much more motivated to continue habits which are presented in the form of a game.

Within your GIAH Virtual Reality, you’ll be able to grow your stats and get rewarded for setting and achieving goals.
You’ll be able to view your progress as a “heads up display” in your world.

This system is the first of it’s kind.

No one has done this before.  This is the first time VR technology has been leveraged to create a self-development game.

Tell me:
If you had a chance to invest in “The Secret” when it first came out, before it became the world-wide phenomenon it is today, would you jump on board in a heartbeat?

I know I would.
I want to offer you the chance to be a part of this project - today!
Which is why we're opening up the GIAH Founder’s Program.

Being apart of this movement provides you exclusive access to the GIAH pre-sale offers as well as a chance to be involved with the launch next year.

You’re going to be on a VIP list of people who get updated first: and get priority access to your own VR world where you can use visualization like it’s never been used before.

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What's Inside:
  • You’ll be able to view our special Pre-sale and Investor packages, all available at pre-launch reduced rates.
  • We’ll be shipping a brand new course with select units: our own system for really getting the most out of the technology. A proven roadmap to using visualization most effectively in your life.
  • Consulting Course: Fancy starting your own business using this technology? In this course for a select few investors, we’ll help you set up your own consulting business, taking in clients and using the technology to improve their lives.
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